The most frequently asked question is whether teeth whitening is harmful.
There are several different methods, and one of them is home teeth whitening under the continuous control of the dentist. It is the least aggressive method that anyone can do at home after being trained by a dentist.

teeth whitening

What exactly is teeth whitening?

In teeth whitening, we use a substance called carbamide peroxide. This substance releases oxygen. Due to the oxidation of the organic substance in the dentin, the teeth are whitened. The structure of the teeth is not changed during this process!

How to perform teeth whitening at home?

After the teeth are examined in the dentist’s office, impressions of the upper and lower jaws must be taken. The patient receives individually made trays for both jaws. The whitening trays are comfortable to wear and do not cause any problems for the patient.

The teeth whitening is performed during the night. Before going to bed, the patient applies the gel for teeth whitening into the splint. Then one goes to sleep and takes out the splints in the morning. This procedure is repeated for several days or weeks, depending on the color the patient wants to achieve.


What should you know before choosing this method of teeth whitening?

Home teeth whitening is recommended because the desired color is achieved gradually. This is the most widely used method of teeth whitening in the world. Some patients find it difficult only because they should not consume dark-colored beverages (coffee, tea, red wine) during teeth whitening. It is the nature of this process that teeth are susceptible to color changes, which leads to the darkening of teeth in case of consumption of these drinks.

Temporary tooth sensitivity is also possible, especially if you consume something very cold. If you notice this, contact your dentist, who will advise you on how to proceed. Some of the tips that are applicable in this case are reducing the number of days for this process, reducing the concentration of carbamide peroxide in the whitening gel, or using toothpaste for tooth sensitivity. This sensitivity always goes away, but patients need to know that it can occur.

teeth whitening

What should be done before starting this process?

-Eliminating plaque and tartar on the teeth, teeth polishing
-Fixing all the cavities
-Replacement of the fillings that are cracked
Teeth whitening cannot be performed in patients who have acute inflammation of the gums and soft tissue in the oral cavity.

What should be done after whitening?

It is important that the patient knows that white (composite) fillings are not subjects for bleaching. So, if you have a filling in the visible region of the smile that is good in its structure, it should remain in the tooth during the teeth whitening process. After completing the process, you will need to change it, because its color will not match the new color of the teeth. This is also the case if you have ceramic crowns on the front teeth.

The longevity of the effect of teeth whitening is individual and it can take up to several years. It is possible to repeat this process at any moment. Now you can safely enjoy your new smile.

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