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Fixed braces consist of brackets and metal wires on the teeth, applied to correct the misalignment of teeth. This method ensures a proper bite and an aesthetically pleasing appearance of all teeth.

The advantage of fixed braces over removable ones is that they act on teeth 24 hours a day, leading to quick and efficient results.

Types of fixed braces

Both metal and fixed ceramic appliances can be used. Additionally, therapy with fixed orthodontic appliances can be combined with teeth aligner trays.

The type of fixed orthodontic appliance depends on the patient’s preferences and the positioning of the teeth. Together with an orthodontic specialist, we make a decision about the most suitable type of braces for you, ensuring the entire therapy aligns with your needs.

All fixed appliances consist of similar components, including brackets and wires. The distinction lies in the material of the brackets, which can be either metal or ceramic.

Types of Brackets for Fixed Braces

Fiksne proteze

Metal brackets can be ligating or self-ligating. In appearance, these two types are very similar, differing only in the mechanism of attaching the bracket to the wire. Self-ligating brackets are simpler and faster to work with, reducing the time needed for monthly adjustments during check-ups.

Ceramic brackets are tooth-colored and are applied only to the front teeth. Metal brackets are even applied to the side teeth in such cases. Their application may not be suitable for all cases where fixed braces are necessary, as they have less efficacy compared to metal brackets.

When is wearing fixed braces recommended?

Aligning teeth with fixed braces is recommended for patients dissatisfied with the aesthetics of their teeth or those whose dentist has pointed out issues related to improper bite or other dental problems that require correction.

Wearing fixed braces, or aligning teeth, is primarily a means for achieving a more beautiful smile and tooth appearance in younger populations. However, the proper alignment of teeth also determines the longevity of the teeth. Teeth in improper positions are more prone to decay or loss due to gum recession later in life. Wearing fixed braces not only holds aesthetic significance but also plays a crucial role in prolonging the life of teeth.

Depending on the anomaly in the positioning of the teeth and the therapy plan, the orthodontic specialist will recommend the most suitable type of fixed appliance for your case.

Making and Wearing Fixed Appliances

Aligning teeth with braces involves the preparation of teeth, wearing the braces, and the process after removing fixed braces.

During preparation, all necessary dental procedures are performed, such as cleaning, repairing, replacing inadequate fillings, and, if necessary, extracting wisdom teeth. Then, a dental impression is taken to analyze and plan the therapy.

Wearing fixed braces requires patients to maintain good oral hygiene and attend regular monthly check-ups.

After completing the teeth alignment, retainers or transparent sleep trays are made to maintain the achieved results.

Fixed braces on one jaw

Wearing fixed braces on one jaw is possible but rarely indicated. This approach is applied when adjusting the positioning of teeth is primarily for aesthetic reasons.

A drawback of this method is that shifting teeth always affects the bite, and without braces on both jaws, it’s challenging to align the upper teeth with the lower ones.

How long do fixed braces need to be worn?

The duration of wearing fixed braces depends on several factors:

The severity of the corrected anomaly,

The patient’s age,

Regular attendance of check-ups.

All these factors together influence the duration of the therapy, and it’s often challenging to predict the exact number of months.

Cost of Fixed Braces and Payment Methods

The cost of the entire teeth alignment therapy depends on the type of braces used in the treatment. The price covers the entire therapy and all check-ups, regardless of how long the braces are worn. Since every therapy requires monthly check-ups, payment can be made monthly or in installments. To find out which type of braces is best for your case, schedule a free examination and consultation.