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Composite veneers (composite veneers) are the quickest and easiest way to transform your smile. With the use of high-quality composite materials at Dr. Bede’s dental practice, we have the ability to address any imperfections that may bother you on your teeth.

This type of tooth veneer allows you to achieve the desired appearance and excellent aesthetic results in just one visit to the dentist. Composite veneers are an excellent choice because the material can be easily customized to the patient’s preferences, allowing us to adjust the shape, color, and size of the teeth


How Composite Veneers (Composite Veneers) Work

With dental veneers, we have the ability to change the appearance of teeth only on their front surface, thus improving the appearance of your smile.

Composite is the material we use for placing white fillings on teeth. Therefore, the placement of composite veneers is similar to this process, with the main difference being that in most cases, no tooth grinding is necessary to apply the veneer. This is the main distinction between veneer placement and crown placement, which requires the complete grinding of the tooth.

To ensure top-notch results, the use of high-quality composite materials is crucial to ensure that the veneers are durable and have a natural appearance. At Dr. Bede’s dental practice, we use the latest generation of composite materials. This type of material allows the dentist to shape the front surface of the tooth directly into the desired appearance and meet your aesthetic desires. Since the procedure is completed in a single visit, you will be able to see the new appearance of your teeth immediately.

What we particularly pay attention to during the placement of dental veneers is ensuring they are entirely tailored to your bite. If a patient’s bite is unfavorable, it can lead to veneer breakage, in which case other methods offered by cosmetic dentistry, such as non-metal crowns, are recommended.

When Are Composite Veneers Recommended?

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Composite veneers are primarily recommended for patients who have irregularities on the front surfaces of their teeth that affect the aesthetics of their teeth. These irregularities can include various issues such as damage from childhood, fractures, spots, and inadequate fillings on the teeth.

Additionally, veneers on teeth allow us to compensate for a layer of teeth that has been worn away, often due to aggressive toothbrushing.

Why Choose Composite Veneers (Composite Veneers)

Composite veneers are the fastest and most efficient solution compared to other types of cosmetic changes to teeth. All other materials require specific tooth preparations and a longer manufacturing period.

Results can be seen immediately, which also means that on-site adjustments are possible. Composite is a material that is adaptable to all patient’s aesthetic requirements.

This method of placing dental veneers is entirely painless, and immediately after the intervention, you can resume your usual activities.

Maintenance of Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are maintained in the same way as natural teeth. In addition to regular oral hygiene and the use of interdental brushes, it is necessary to visit the dentist for professional teeth cleaning and veneer polishing 1-2 times a year.

Cost of Placing Composite Veneers

Considering that we are talking about composite materials also used in regular tooth repairs, the prices for composite veneers are in the range of tooth repair costs. This method of improving the appearance of teeth is the most affordable, especially when compared to the prices of ceramic veneers.

It is important to note that, like any white filling on teeth, composite material may change its appearance over the years. This largely depends on the patient’s habits, such as smoking or consuming dark-colored beverages. If there is a change in the color of the composite veneer after a certain period, it will need to be replaced.