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Clear aligners for teeth correction represent invisible braces that correct the position of teeth. This method of teeth correction is most practical for individuals who want to enhance the appearance of their smile without wearing fixed braces and without invasive methods such as tooth drilling and the creation of tooth veneers.

Transparent tooth aligners are a light, efficient, and safe way in which we, at Dr. Bede Dental office, assist you in having your teeth assume the correct position, thereby contributing to their health and improved aesthetics.

Who Should Consider Teeth Correction with Aligners?

We primarily recommend transparent aligners for adults dissatisfied with the appearance of their front teeth, yet reluctant to wear traditional braces. With these invisible teeth correction devices, we can address irregular tooth positions such as:

  • Protruding tooth,
  • Retracted tooth,
  • Gaps between teeth,
  • Overlapping teeth.

It’s important to note that teeth correction aligners cannot address irregular bites. This method is mainly utilized when improving the position of front teeth for better aesthetics.

Aligners have their limitations and cannot correct severe deviations in tooth position. For patients with significant irregularities in tooth alignment and bite, we recommend traditional braces.

Combining these two types of braces is also possible. Initially, a fixed brace is used to correct the bite and more significant issues in tooth position. Subsequently, the fixed brace is removed, and the treatment is completed using teeth correction aligners.

To determine if you are a suitable candidate for teeth correction with aligners, a consultation, dental impressions, analysis, and X-rays are necessary.

What Are Teeth Aligners Made Of?

folije za ispravljanje zuba

Teeth aligners are crafted from transparent plastic, based on the model of your teeth. Using software and 3D printers, this model is shaped to predict your future tooth appearance, and aligners are produced to gradually guide you to that position. This material is comfortable, smooth, highly durable, and, if used and maintained correctly, avoids cracking during the treatment.

How Long Does Teeth Correction with Aligners Take – The Effect

Upon taking impressions of your teeth, an analysis is conducted to assess if you are a suitable candidate for teeth correction with aligners and to estimate the duration of the entire therapy. The severity of the tooth position anomaly determines the length of the treatment, typically spanning several months, in contrast to traditional braces, which are usually worn for around two years.

When you commence the therapy, you receive transparent aligners to wear for the next month. During this period, you wear the aligners continuously, day and night, except when eating or engaging in sports. After a month, you visit our clinic for a new set of impressions from which the next set of aligners is created. This process repeats until the end of the treatment.

After achieving the desired results, you receive a retainer, which is worn only at night, serving to maintain the achieved results. You should wear this retainer for as long as possible, gradually reducing usage to every second or third night.

In addition to retainer aligners, results can be maintained with a retention wire. This thin metal wire is affixed to the inner side of the front teeth, invisible from the outside and causing no inconvenience during eating or speaking.

Preparing Teeth Before Applying Aligners

Before starting teeth correction, an examination is essential, addressing and potentially resolving any necessary issues. This includes ensuring that all teeth are healthy, and any plaque is cleaned. Through X-rays, we also verify the health of the roots of all teeth, as well as potential problems some patients may experience with wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth extraction is not always necessary, only in situations where they cause problems and inflammation.

Tips for Wearing Aligners and Attending Check-Ups

Wearing aligners might be uncomfortable on the first day until the patient gets used to them. By the second or third day, the teeth adjust, and wearing becomes easy. If needed, on the first day, you can take short breaks from wearing them during the day. Check-ups are scheduled once a month, or possibly every two months, if the patient is physically unable to come every month.

Maintaining Teeth Aligner

While wearing aligners, maintain regular oral hygiene practices. Regarding the hygiene of the aligners themselves, it is upheld through daily brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Teeth Correction with Aligners – Cost

The cost of the entire teeth correction therapy with aligners depends on the time required to correct the teeth, i.e., the severity of the anomaly being corrected. After examining and analyzing your teeth, we provide an approximate estimate of how many months teeth correction will take, along with the associated cost. Payment is made on a monthly basis.