After making a fixed denture that replaces lost teeth, it is necessary to consider basic hygiene. In this way, you will increase the life span and prevent the accumulation of plaque, tartar, and gum recession.

After the fixed prosthesis is placed, do not eat anything for an hour. Avoid solid food for the next 24 hours. Due to the fixation of the cement, you may experience increased tooth sensitivity during the first 24 hours.


Tips for maintaining a fixed prosthetics

Bridges and crowns need to be cared for just as well as natural teeth. Due to the nature of the fixed prosthetic construction, you should clean the spaces between the natural teeth and the fixed prosthetic with interdental brushes.

For teeth that are not covered with crowns or bridges, use the softest (ultra-soft) brush. Perform basic hygiene at least twice a day.

If you notice that the gums are inflamed or there is a fracture of the prosthetic work, you must report it to the dentist.

For patients who do not have any problems with prosthetic work, only one annual check-up is required. Check with your dentist about this prosthetic work, especially if you have difficulty taking proper care of your teeth.

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