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Sports dentistry

PLAYSAFE sports mouthguard


PLAYSAFE is a mouthguard which is used to prevent injuries during sports activities.
Whether it is a professional or recreational training, mouthguard is an essential part of sports equipment.

To whom is PLAYSAFE recommended?

PLAYSAFE is recommended for everyone, children and adults, regardless of the fact which sports activities are they engaged in. In accordance with the risk that a teeth injury might occur, stronger mouthguards are made for contact sports, while mouthguards for team sports are made of softer materials.

What are the advantages in relation to other mouthguards?

PLAYSAFE is strictly individual mouthguard based on teeth impression of every athlete. Therefore it has minimal dimensions, which does not affect its superior protective role.
In this way the most common problems why athletes do not like to wear universal or boli and bite mouthguards are avoided. Those problems include uncomfortable and cumbersome mouthguards, inability to speak, difficulties during breathing, as well as irregular shaping of semi-custom protectors.
PLAYSAFE Mouthguard stands firm in the athletes’ oral cavity, does not disturb during the game and has a positive impact on concentration and performance. The fact that it does not affect breathing and speech is also very important.

How is PLAYSAFE produced?

PLAYSAFE is made from patient’s impression of the upper and lower jaw taken by a dentist after which the mouthguard is made of  2 laminated layers of different firmness, depending on the sport.

How is it maintained?

PLAYSAFE is easily maintained. After the usage it should be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Every Playsafe Mouthguard is supplied with a carrying container and care instructions.