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Non caries cervical lesion NCCL

Hello, I noticed that my teeth in the lower jaw occasionally hurts, on something cold and sweet. It hurts in the part of the teeth near the gums. How can I solve this problem?


Hello, most likely it is a non caries cervical lesion NCCL (damage). The causes of these lesions are different: incorrect brushing technique, inadequate toothbrush, teeth grinding at night (bruxism) or irregular position of the teeth that suffer from high forces when chewing. Depending on the cause of the lesions, we can prevent new lesions and rehabilitate the existing  ones with composite (white) fillings.Profile

Ultrasonic removal of plaque and calculus and teeth polishing

I wonder if the ultrasonic removal of plaque and calculus and teeth polishing is harmful for the teeth?


Hello, calculus is the result of mineralization of food residue on the teeth. It causes gums inflammation, because of his physical presence and because of bacteria. Avoiding cleaning because of the fear of damaging the enamel can only lead to periodontal disease. Teeth polishing is done with different brushes and pastes, after ultrasonic scaling, so that the tooth surface remains smooth. Temporary teeth and gums sensitivity after this procedure is not to worry about. Proper teeth brushing technique will not allow to plaque and calculus to be formed. Contact your dentist for cleaning once or twice a year.Profile

Old silver filling changed to white one

Hi, recently I changed the old silver filling in the white one, on the upper first molar. Now that tooth is sensitive when I  bite. I wonder if this is something dangerous and should I report to the dentist?


Hello, there is a possibility that the teeth react that way after placing composite (white) fillings and these sensations are not to worry about if they appear only on the stimulus and not spontaneously. It is important that the symptoms are not  present for longer than 6 weeks. If you have the impression that the tooth is ” higher ” than others, meaning that the filling l is not well adapted to your bite, you should contact your dentist. Profile