Pregnancy is a period when a woman takes great care of her health. Oral health should certainly be a part of that care. Pregnancy and teeth are always a big topic among pregnant ladies. We all know the stories about how the teeth decay during pregnancy. Which of these stories are true and how does every pregnant woman need to take care of her teeth?

Pregnancy and teeth

Do your teeth actually decay during pregnancy?

The story that teeth decay during pregnancy because the baby pulls calcium from them is not true. In case you need larger quantities of calcium in your body, it will be pulled from the bones and not from the tooth. The teeth in pregnancy may be at risk for other reasons, such as hormonal imbalance and improper oral hygiene. Due to the hormonal status of a pregnant woman, gums are often enlarged, red and bleed easily when brushing. Enlarged and swollen gums cover the teeth and make them difficult to clean. This leads to the accumulation of plaque and even worse inflammation.

This phenomenon is called gravid gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and if it’s treated in time, there will not be any consequences for teeth or gums. The dentist will do proper cleaning of your teeth, in order to reduce this inflammation. After delivery, the hormones return to normal and gums recover very quickly. If this condition is not treated, gingivitis can progress into periodontal disease. This is a serious problem and may lead to loss of teeth.

Pregnancy and teeth


How to take care of your pregnancy and teeth?

The ideal situation would be that the woman has healthy teeth before becoming pregnant. During the pregnancy itself, you should visit a dentist at least once. It is very important to maintain good dental hygiene. Pregnant women often have a craving for snacking, usually sweet stuff. That is why they complain about the health of their teeth after giving birth.

The recommendation is to rinse your mouth with water after each meal and to wash your teeth after half an hour. If you feel sick while brushing teeth, try to buy a toothbrush with a small head or change the toothpaste. Pregnant women, as well as all patients, are advised to avoid all harmful habits and thus avoid the everyday little things that threaten your teeth.

Is it safe to have a dental intervention during the pregnancy?

In the first three months, you should avoid dental intervention, unless it comes to emergencies. In this period pregnant women should be trained on how to properly take care of their dental hygiene.

The second trimester is the safest when it comes to dental procedures. In this period of time, it is necessary to solve any problems that pregnant women have. Do not postpone the therapy after giving birth.

In the third trimester, a dental intervention can be performed if necessary. The intervention needs to be short and as painless as possible. Pain stimulates adrenaline, which can lead to premature birth. In any case, the doctor should be involved in all decisions, together with the dentist.

Is it safe to be exposed to X-ray during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and teeth problems often don’t go together very well. Although today’s X-ray machines in dentistry are designed to produce minimal radiation, you should avoid dental imaging, especially in the first three months. Later it is possible to have X-ray only if it is necessary, with good protection.

After giving birth, in the first few months, women are busy taking care of the baby. This is normal, but it also leads to a neglect of self-care. Make time to visit a dentist in the first few months after giving birth. Dedicate some time to yourself. You will feel good because it is always good to know that your teeth are healthy and you don’t have anything to worry about.

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